Eternal Damnation

Amidst the blinding visual imagery of a non existing simulated world of gaming, that entices your mind with its sinister grip of numbness; What do you seek? Amongst the compulsive sexual imagery of a faux world of carnal pleasure, that paralyses your body with its sterile grip of nothingness; What do you seek? Between the … Continue reading Eternal Damnation

The Vault to my Wonderland

I perch myself on the oddly shaped armchair lent by my landlord and look out the windows. Its 4:56pm. My favorite Bulbul chirps ‘Wipro,Wipro’ somewhere in the vast expanse of the virginal blue carpet that the Gods have laid out for me. The clouds that wore the garb of Mt. Machapuchare, a while ago, seem … Continue reading The Vault to my Wonderland