The drifter

One leg under his haunches and the other knee cradling his chin, seated in a modified thunderbolt pose, he stooped low over his creation. The haphazardly spreading grey of his week old stubble glistened as streaks of the baby Sun played hide and seek with his rugged face. Smile lines danced at the corners of … Continue reading The drifter

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday today. Thank you very much, if you sent out a silent wish into the Universe for me. This day in 2018, one month into my journey with WordPress, I woke up contemplating Suicide. Yes, you heard it right. That morning I found no reason to live. Absolutely nothing to tether me back … Continue reading Happy Birthday To Me!

Doomsday Alert No: 3405! SORRY! NOT THE END!

“The world you live in is in its last vestiges. Hold on to dear old life!” That’s the media; print and television alike, peddling its ragbag brimming with doomsday predictions to people like me who are at home, quarantined since a month, fighting hard to stay above the quicksand of endless information that’s seemingly updated … Continue reading Doomsday Alert No: 3405! SORRY! NOT THE END!

Dichotomy Of My Identity: I Am A Survivor

Pain is an inexplicable thing. Not physical pain. Pain, that has sprawled itself like the mythological 3-headed dog deep in the recesses of our mind palaces. It lolls around idly, bobbing its treble heads in unison, in that vast expanse on most days. Snaking its way to spaces it’s forbidden to enter. Peeping into unnumbered … Continue reading Dichotomy Of My Identity: I Am A Survivor