The Case of the Lost Soulprint

Eyes bound, I trip on the stony paths of my iterating Story; Slip on its dicey grounds and drop down to my knees; Your soft hands lift me and dust off the grime; Dressing my wounds I hear You say; Endure this you must; Don’t be stuck at being a stifled sidekick; Silence those sour … Continue reading The Case of the Lost Soulprint

My Dear Raison d’être…Please Come Back Home

  I WANNA BE SPIDERWOMAN! Until I turned 26, this was my made-to-order reply every time someone posed the rather jaded question ... If you were granted one super power what would you choose? I was crazy about Spiderman. I marveled everything about him. From his red and blue suit to the geeky glasses his … Continue reading My Dear Raison d’être…Please Come Back Home

All Roads Lead To You…

Image courtesy  "I was born in 1981 weighing barely 2.2 kilos. A dark, sickly girl, an appendage to a poor family with already a girl child as their first born. I was brought up in the putrid air of being a burden to the family by everybody around me, except maybe my parents. My … Continue reading All Roads Lead To You…

The Elusive Miss Neela

Stories of her mysterious sightings have been narrated in hushed musical notations in my family since a long time. The only person to have known her was my paternal grandpa. The man himself was renowned for his secret getaways to the hilly terrain of Kodaikanal every summer. Ever since his home-away-from-home, that "Heaven on Earth" … Continue reading The Elusive Miss Neela

Coonoor, the love of my life

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. There are in each other all along. -Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi 2001, the year I first heard about this mystical place, high up in the Blue Mountains. A friend in college had visited and on coming back filled me in with stories of its myriad tea gardens, coffee and pepper … Continue reading Coonoor, the love of my life