Truth Be Damned!

green day

Were we ever who we were?


Were we only who we claimed we were?


Are we ever who we are?


Are we only who we claim we are?


Were we always the unknown to our world?

Are we always the unknown to our own selves?

Will we always remain the unknown to our own Gods?


If we never truly were, who we were yesterday


If we never truly are, who we are today

Will we ever become, who we are meant to be tomorrow?


Behind the scenes:

People who know me now do not know that alter ego of me who was a huge fan of Alternative Rock/Punk Rock. For reasons unknown to me, out of the truckloads of musicians out there, I fell hard for that one nasal, raspy screaming voice of a man with the greenest pair of eyes and wildest hair I had seen until then. Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman of the band Green Day.

Its been a decade since that alter ego of mine who loved Rock music bid goodbye to the world. But one song , ‘Are we, we are the waiting unknown’ of that old beloved band still remains stuck in my heart, the chorus never really fading from my ears; prodding me, questioning me almost every single day.

The question back then was,

Behind the thick cloak of pretence I was wearing, Who was I?

The question today is,

Behind the much thinner veil of pretence I still wear, Who am I?

I might not be listening to their songs anymore, but the band Green Day left behind the memories of listening to that song, over and over again, trying to decipher what they were trying to say, what they were trying to ask me…what indeed?

12 years later, all I was left with were the four words, ‘Are we, we are’…running around in my mind like a ravenously hungry tiger let loose in a dying forest bereft of prey.

Not a day has gone by when I have not thought about those words. They were everywhere I looked. Even slyly creeping into my dreams sometimes!

After facing a life changing event, one particular night of turmoil FINALLY led the hungry tiger to its prey.

An answer to that pertinent question which has been demanding an answer for over 12 years came in the garb of this poem.

Well, I agree it is nothing but questions stacked upon questions. How does that even make it an answer, you ask.

Stop rolling your eyes and look closely!

Closer honey, look closer!

The answer is staring at you.




17 thoughts on “Truth Be Damned!

  1. Yesss!! My Sweet L has returned! I’ve missed you 😉. A Green Day fan eh? Cool. I’ll have to go listen to the song now! But I do like the way you showed growth. For example, who was I vs who am I presently. Things change and we change often. Different situations and circumstances turn us in different directions. The only single constant thing in every case is US! Ultimately we control us. WE ARE everywhere we are! I’ve been in a ‘self love’ working on me type of mood so for ME I took this as a message to keep pressing. Now everyone can read it and find a different meaning but for ME, that’s mine! Thanks L! 😘

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    1. Sabrina! I am back! I am back!

      I knew you would have missed me! I had a block that I was trying hard to get past…for a month now. Finally here I am!

      You actually GOT the poem right S! We certainly are everywhere we are.

      Thanks S! You put your stamp to this and I LOVED it.

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  2. In Life we have so many emotions n experience . I know you too have Lali. Every post reminds you about the some sweet memories n some bad as well but I appreciate your willpower n strength to overcome all. God bless you dear

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  3. Great to see you again Lalitha. I recently happened to came across Green Day and I love them.(Especially while walking through the boulevard of broken dreams).

    Who we are is always within us. When we begin fully seeing our world outside the filters of society and biases we fully see ourselves…

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    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t think I was being missed! Nice to know I am!!

      Green Day…sigh! Boulevard..was the first song I heard of them. My favorite though is Wake me up when September ends…

      The tragedy or should I say tragicomedy is that despite know it that who we is always within us and within reach, most of us lack the courage to see us for who we really are….obviously when the world inside lies undiscovered what use is discovering unknown lands outside of us?

      Thank you for reading and for that great insight!

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  4. It must be the salient of questions that transcends us as humans. Who am I. Am I the person of 3 years ago, or now or will find me on the future??
    Is there a constant of who we should be or a we the magnified extension of the vibrations on atoms which is always in constant motion and in our case constant metamorphosis?? Perhaps we are an aggregate of all we have been over the years a potpourri of all the good, bad and neutral of the darkness, of the light, of the pain and of the joy. Deep down, we may be yesterday, today and tomorrow all at once.

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    1. You! You sound very Kafkaesque! And you even used the one word that made Kafka the man he is known for now…Metaporphosis!

      True, we are an aggregate; the sum total of all that we have been through.

      True, we may be what we were, are and will be; all at once.

      But, if I were to lose my memory now, who am I then? Although I would still be me to the world, I would become the unknown to my own self.


  5. Kafkaesque you say?? Losing your memory would be a complicated affair all together. At that point you might need to start creating yourself again and that can be a tricky considering one is aware that you already were someone before losing memory.

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    1. So the question becomes a conundrum now. When I do not know who I was, I would lost all need of pretension. So if my past becomes this unknown entity to me, I could be anyone I want to be? Or will the world around me that knew my past corrupt me all over again and force me to become the same old person I was thereby leading me to the same future I would have walked into if my memory was intact?

      In other words , there simply is no escape…The past, the present and the future…they all catch up someday.

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      1. As you said in the post of the king Fisher can we also find some good in such an event of lose of memory. I’ve thought about it and in a way it can deprive us of so much but will also save us from all the demons of our past that would have been long forgotten. That’s if the world won’t end up corrupting us again

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  6. I like what guys are saying in this and I relate to it…. I think noticing who are becoming everyday is important because the “who” is not always constant.. alot changes.. so who we are in my own opinion is subjective and therefore not conclusive on it’s own.. but who we are becoming, and I say becoming because its continuous.. like someone mentioned,it’s about past,now going to the future… That’s how the metric of who we are.

    I like this poem, funny cos I think I wrote something close to this a while ago.

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    1. Of all the people in this wide, wide world I knew you would get this!! And I knew you would be the one saying this all important truth that we are continuously becoming…its an ongoing process. Thats what I always say. That I am never constant. Im always becoming something…So we do think alike!!

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