Truth of Our Times

Creation of Adam by Leonardo Da Vinci


Can every Disease be cured by Prayer?

Sometimes, isn’t Death the only cure?


Can every Debt be paid off?

Sometimes, doesn’t Forgiveness simply write them off?


Is every call of Duty heeded?

Aren’t the best of them, hidden behind curtains of Forgotten Valor ,with no sign of a shower of Love on them?


Is every Land meant to be Fertile?

Don’t some, though barren yield bountiful Memories that last an entire lifetime?


Does every Love have to be consummated?

Aren’t the greatest legends of Love about Unrequited Sagas; untold, hidden and revisited by our tears at the deep end of each night?


Can every Thirst be quenched?

Doesn’t unquenched thirst for the unknown lead to greatest of Discoveries?


Can every Prayer be answered by the All Pervading?

Don’t some lead lives of Will ‘o’ Wisps, providing Hope to look forward to a New Day?


Does every Earthen Lamp warranty a lit match?

Don’t some dissolve Ignorance and spread Light even without a wick?


Does every wound heal?

Don’t some hold permanent residency in the wastelands of our heart as phantom sores?

Imperceptibly itching behind pretentious scabs;

Reminding us of the ever growing burdens of:

Unsaid Prayers and Incurable Diseases;

Unpaid Debts and Forgiveness never bestowed;

Duties not upheld and Spineless Resignation to Destiny;

Unsown seeds of Cherished Memories never to be reaped;

Epic Loves lost in the ennui of Existential crisis’s;

Buried Thirst for Mystery lying undiscovered;

Fate blamed for Lost Hopes and Uncollected Inspirations;

Our Dark Psyche masquerading as Enlightenment Soul.


Originally written in Hindi in October 2018 and translated into English on January 5, 2019.


Behind the scenes:

Many a times, the lessons that we try to teach others are the very same ones we need to learn ourselves first.

A couple of months ago after a beautiful trip to the hill town of Kodaikanal about which you can read here, I found myself doing something totally unexpected!

I began writing couplets and short poems in Hindi!

I am used to thinking in Hindi since I was a kid. It being my favorite language, I thought I would easily nail it. Forgetting the simple fact that thinking and writing in a language ARE NOT THE SAME!!

At first the process of writing creatively in a different language was fun. Then I found to my horror that instead of enjoying the process I was beating myself up for not getting the nuances right.

It happened so, that while doing something as menial as sweeping the floor one day, some words in Hindi, all rhyming with each other, popped in my head and by the time I was done sweeping I had about 8 lines of a poem ready. Only while editing it, did it dawn on me that one of the rhyming words didn’t actually mean what I assumed it meant. After keeping at it for a few days, crestfallen that I am never going to get any better, I left it midway and tried to forget all about it.

But I obsessed about that word. So much! I just couldn’t stop thinking about it all day and some nights long. Furthermore, I wasn’t even getting a substitute for it!

I was so RIGID and fixated entirely on that particular word. For 2 long months!

A beautiful walk, catching the last light of the Sun on the first Sunday of 2019 led to a simple nudge by the Universe towards what was easily possible and right under my nose all this time.

I simply translated the words into English and despite them, not rhyming any more, I could easily write all that my heart wanted to convey. And some more!

Coming to the point I made earlier, RIGIDITY serves no solid purpose. Except maybe for people in the Armed Services!

I always prided myself on being a flexible person. Come to think of it, I realized I wasn’t!

Well 2019 didn’t take too long to slap on a lesson on me, didn’t it?

The lesson I have been trying to teach my Mother for so long is exactly the same one I need to learn myself first!

It’s so important not to obsess over things that have no larger say in our daily lives!


8 thoughts on “Truth of Our Times

  1. Oh, I so much relate to having a few lines playing in my Head in the middle of doing something.. it kinda sticks and disrupts until you write it off..

    I mean sometimes you won’t get all the words you’re looking for but you’ll always be proud to write the ones you have to paper.

    And I think you got some really good ones on this poem

    These were my favorite

    “Buried Thirst, for Mystery lying undiscovered.

    Fate blamed for Lost Hopes and Uncollected Inspirations” 👌🏼👌🏼
    I can’t say with words the depth of these lines.
    .. so well captured.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Benny!

      That constant cacophony in the head is a funny thing no? I mean the words that get left off at one time comes up suddenly when working on something entirely different and that leads into a new direction of thought! I assume that happens with you too.

      And the last line about fate blamed for lost hopes comes from personal experience. I embodied that line Until realization slapped me tight and pointed towards acceptance😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes!! Beautifully written! I’m so glad you decided to just write it in English to share with us all! 😊. I think the most profound point you brought out was the fact that we sometimes try to teach others lessons that we first need to learn ourselves! So true! Thank you once again for your words! Always timely!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’d really like to go on a tour in the chambers of your mind that fix together these words and come up with such poems. I might decide to stay there and just study the writing. It’s sounds like something Solomon would have write.
    Doesn’t unquenched thirst for the unknown lead to greatest of Discoveries?

    Those lines… Damn. Good job. Those are truly the truths of our time

    Liked by 1 person

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